Our Doctor Who Themed Birthday Party

My almost 9 year old decided last minute that he would like to have a Doctor Who themed party for his birthday. I thought this was a great idea until I started planning it. That’s when I found out that there isn’t anywhere here in the USA you can buy Doctor Who stuff. So our last minute party turned into 2 weeks of putting together crafts and decorations.

Since this was such a big project I decided to share some of the fun with everyone. A lot of the ideas I found on Pinterest and decided to use them myself.

First I needed a center piece to work around so I made a Tardis, complete with working light. I made this out of card board boxes, colored paper and a simple LED light on top

This was just before we added the light

Next I used red felt to make Fezzes and bow ties. On the bow ties I used double sided tape for the kids to wear them. The fezzes I sewed together and used poster board on the sides and top to make it firm. I kept it in with a glue gun

I found banners and plates on sites in the UK but nothing local so I made my own in photoshop and used duct tape for the rope/string

I used simple blue paper bags to make a Tardis gift bag to hand out to the kids

there were a few little touches here and there but the last main one I’ll add are the marshmallow Adipose. These were very easy to make with large and small marshmallows held together with a paste made out of powdered sugar and water. I used frosting to make the faces.

I asked all the kids to come dressed as their favorite doctor who character or a creative space alien (for those who don’t watch the show). I told them ahead of time first place would be for the best costume made out of recycled items. Here is the final outcome:


for games, we only had time for three.


Idea 1: I spent almost 3 weeks saving boxes, cool look trash, paper towel rolls, etc. I threw all the “goods” in a pile and had the tables covered with glue, paper, pipe cleaners, duct tape, scissors…… pretty much anything you can think of we had. The kids were told create their best alien, robot or what ever they could design and first place for creativity would get a prize.  This was something I thought would only last 30 minutes at most but they spent over an hour playing. Mainly the boys made weapons but there were 3 entries into the contest and they all had a blast.

Idea 2: Doctor Who’s Science Lab – I painted 2 large boxes and cut out 6 holes. Inside I place “gross” stuff and the kids had to feel inside each hole without looking. After they got a feel they were to go and write down what they thought was in each hole.  Most the kids only got 1 or 2 right, one kid got 5 out of 6 and a few didn’t want to feel out all. But their squeals of disgust made it all worth it. Inside each hole I placed bow tie pasta, boiled eggs,  jello jigglers, worms (from a fishing tackle box), black beans and furry cat toys. The food and worms were coated in olive oil and coconut oil just for an extra “EWWWW!!!” factor.

Idea 3: Weeping Angels freeze tag – one person was the angel. When her back was turned the kids could move but when she looked at you, they had to stop. If you moved you were out.



  1. LOVE THIS! My 7 year old wants a Dr. Who party too… but thankfully, he decided this with a month to spare :) Where did you get the printable characters next to the TARDIS!? My kiddo likes the 10th Doctor best so he’d love something like that!

  2. I just found random photos on google in the images and “fixed” them in photoshop to help make them printable. after I printed one regular and one in reverse I “glued” them with spray glue then cut them out. I found a lot of cake ideas on pinterest but unfortunately didn’t have time to do one.

  3. This is awesome. Well done.

  4. Fantastic! My son wants a DW party this year–his bday is in October. I love your ideas–I am having a hard time finding party items, too. It’d be so much easier if we lived in the UK! Thanks for posting–looks like it was a great party. :)

  5. OMG!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! My soon to be 12 year old loves Dr. Who. He has been sick since January, and has had a miserable year. I decided a couple of days ago to give him a surprise party, and ran into the same problem, couldn’t find anything! I am so excited to have found your blog!

  6. Amanda McCleese says:

    I love the Weeping Angel freeze tag idea! That is so clever! My 18 month old LOVES Doctor Who, so I’m sure there will be a few Doctor Who themed parties in the future. haha

  7. Stephanie Smith says:

    My 19 year old son loves the doctor! I am going to have someone make a doctor who cake for his birthday in June. This was a cute little party!!!

  8. You are fabulous! My daughter just asked for a Doctor Who birthday party in February. This is a huge help! Thanks!

  9. This is fabulous. I am orgainising aDr Who party for my son and this has given me some great ideas. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

  10. I am ten and think this is great idea turning eleven this year but next year it is so going to happen

  11. Fantastic! Thank you, my six year old is crazy about the show and I came up with a couple ideas, but your blog has sparked the family’s imagination!!

  12. Genius!!! I’ve been searching all morning for DIY Doctor who party ideas for my 10 year old son! Same story… Birthday is in less than 2 weeks and I am rushing to find/create decorations since there are none available in the US!
    Questions.. Did you print the photoshopped banner circles yourself? Or were you able to print them somewhere locally? I’ll most likely attempt the same thing… But wanted to ask before I went to fedex to have them print on cardstock for me.


  13. This is a fabulous idea! My 14-year old is a Doctor Who fanatic and some of your ideas are perfect for his next birthday!

  14. Awesome! Might need to use some of these ideas – esp. The weeping angel tag!

  15. i really like the weeping angel party idea, very brilliant. ive been thinking of some doctor who party ideas, but not many come up. overall, fantastic looking party! allons-y!

  16. Exactly where did you actually get the tips to write ““doctor who birthday party”?
    Thanks for the post -Mahalia

  17. I’m gong to be 16 and Dr. Who is my theme but I need “older kid” birthday Ideas. Anyone have any?

  18. I found you through pinterest! I just love you and this party you threw together! Thanks for the ideas :)

  19. jamie ballard says:

    Would you will be willing to sell any of your stuff? I am planning my baby’s 18th birthday and her graduation! I have looked and thought to come to Pintrest and here you are! Pretty please?

  20. Wow! Looks like a lot of time was put into that. I myself want to have a Doctor Who themed birthday party! I’m turning 18, but you are never too old for Doctor Who. This gave me a lot of good ideas, thanks alot!

  21. Christy says:

    OMG you are my hero!!!! My son wants a Doctor Who birthday party, and being in Canada pickings are slim, so these ideas are wonderful!!! 😀

  22. Love it but I’m dying to know what you did for the birthday cake?

  23. hello. you have very unique party games. however with my brother and i being obsessive whovians, we created a weeping angels game for spare time. ours was quite different from yours, if there were 2 people, one would be the weeping angel. if the person(not the ‘weeping angel’) is looking at the weeping angel, the weeping angel cannot move. when the person is not looking, then the weeping angel tries to tag the person. when tagged the weeping angel becomes a person and the person becomes a weeping angel(switch places.) but when playing with 3 or more people it is kinda the same, but when the weeping angel tags someone they become a weeping angel to and the last person tagged is the weeping angel in the next round.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much! I LOVE DW and was scrabbling for my birthday party next week. You’re the best!

  25. Great job! Love everything you did. Did you draw the tardis on every blue bag or did you tape anything to the bags or bowls?
    I love this! THANKS!

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